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Welcome to Edge of Story!

You can’t eat a story.  You can’t breathe one or use one as legal tender. A story can’t stave off infection or keep out the rain. In a real way, stories are completely impractical—and yet, they’re absolutely essential to our existence.  As writers and readers, we can’t imagine a world without stories. That’s why we created this blog: to celebrate the wonder of stories and storytelling.

Storytelling is not just an act of creativity; it’s an act of Creation, with a capital C.  Digging into the mental mud, shaping something out of nothing, breathing life and insight and voice into that new something—writers and tellers of stories are constantly participating in an act that is close to divine.

Storytelling is an act of courage as well: dreaming up stories is one thing; sending these stories out into the world is another.  We want to celebrate that, too.

The Roman poet Horace says poetry should “delight and instruct.” We’d like to expand that somewhat, to include all stories, not just poetry. And we’d like to add a few more things stories can do: inspire, challenge, transform, even shape reality.

Now, don’t fret with the Horace reference: we’re not literary snobs.  This blog will not be all Shakespeare and Homer. We love ALL kinds of stories: TV shows, movies, comic books, song lyrics, really good commercials, stories your grandmother tells. We are highly skilled at finding something profound in any story, from Robert Frost to Hollywood Heights to Maya Angelou to Spiderman.  Oh, we’ll throw in a little Shakespeare too, but mostly we want to talk about the stories we love… and to encourage you to share with us the stories that YOU love.


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