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Tonight the final episode of iCarly—iGoodbye—will air on Nickelodeon, and we’re very sad to see it go.  Our twin boys were in fourth grade when they discovered iCarly. Becoming less interested in PBS shows like Arthur and Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, they were looking for something a bit more “sophisticated.”  They turned on Nickelodeon one day to check out iCarly and were immediately hooked.  The best part was… we loved it to.  Dan Schneider put together a fantastic writing team that struck the perfect balance of silly and clever humor.  Carly and her friends Sam and Freddie were smart, funny, and creative.  Carly’s brother Spencer was delightfully weird and artistic… Jerry Trainor’s spastic physical humor reminds us of the great Jim Carey.  We have been equally entertained by supporting charaters like Gibby, T-Bo, Nevel, Mrs. Benson, and Mandy.

109 episodes and we haven’t missed one.  Some of our favorites: iWant More Viewers, iSpeed Date, iMust Have Locker 239, and iBelieve in Bigfoot.  Our favorite running gags: Sam’s butter sock, Spencer setting things on fire, Sam’s love of meat, the younger Gibby randomly taking his shirt off, and spaghetti tacos.  (We actually made spaghetti tacos for dinner one night, and they were pretty good!)

Our iCarly love reached it’s pinnacle when we had the amazing opportunity to meet Miranda Cosgrove at a radio station contest in February 2011.  Totally awesome.

So goodbye iCarly.  Thanks for the memories and most importantly… the laughter.  We’ll really miss you!


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